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Do you feel like saving gas now that we have these prices shooting up?

There are a number of things we can do to keep our vehicles running in top shape and get the best mileage we can out of every gallon of fuel. Most important of all is to change the way we drive.

One thing we can do to stretch our gallon of gas is to check our tire pressures. Low tire pressures will make the tires drag and use more fuel. Look in your owner's manual and see what the recommended tire pressures are. Add two pounds to that number, but never exceed 35 psi.

That will add about one mile per gallon. Check them every time you gas up. Think of it as adding extra fuel to your tank for free.

Now let us talk about your engine and the way it is tuned up. If you do not have your set of spark plugs, cables that connect them, and the air filter in good condition, then it is time to have them new. You know it is not in a good condition when the engine grinds for a few seconds before firing up, at Diego's Mechanics you can have this done and also we can bump your timing the right way to save even more fuel.

Please clean out your trunk and many other things that are in the back of your car or in any other place that you just do not need; the more load in your car the more force the engine has to do to start off the car, and to run it, and at the end: a lot more gas that you could use it to run a couple or more miles.

Slow down when driving and maintain your cruising speed at the same rate; the faster you go, the more fuel you will use.
Always try to leave earlier to your office, or work place, in that way you can avoid too much stop and accelerate, this is the biggeest waste of fuel there is.

At Diego's Mechanics we help you with the tune up, and other necessary stuff to avoid high gas consumption, by having in our shop high technology to change the old parts, and give the car a good timing, you also know that you count on us along with our expertise, and knowledge.

We can assure you that you are in good hands.